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Koleya Karringten is an entrepreneurial visionary. Persistent in her quest to make the world a better place, she spends her time creating effective solutions for the tech industry that provides efficient processes, cost effective results while maintaining environmental friendliness. Now in her early thirty’s Koleya is the owner of 6 business’s and has travelled internationally to speak and showcase her innovative and disruptive technologies. She is motivated to encourage others in tech through speaking and creating valuable connections.

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Professional Involvement

Koleya is the CEO of Absolute Combustion International, Bitcoin Rodeo, and Bitquest. While being the co-founder for Women In Blockchain, taking a mentor and leadership role in the organization to encourage women in the technology sector. Last but not least she is also the Executive Director of Alberta Blockchain Consortium, where she strives to educate Albertans on blockchain and tech innovation.

Koleya is a woman of inspiration, an entrepreneur, professional, thought leader, visionary, and game changer in the Calgary community. She continues to nurture and grow other leaders turning them into everyday heroes and leaders from all walks of life, making an impact locally, nationally and globally.

Philanthropic Efforts

Koleya is very active with her global philanthropic efforts, and has been donating and sponsoring for over a decade. With a deep passion for children and public health she is constantly and tirelessly raising and donating to children’s hospitals, and orphanages across the globe.

Sending money monthly to a children’s school in Belize, providing a lunch program to specific schools in low-income areas to ensure the children are being fed a well balanced diet. Koleya was blessed with a healthy upbringing and only wishes that she could extend that to all children. Koleya’s philanthropic endeavours continue to expand as time goes on.

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Koleya is actively mentoring young minds and challenging them to grow personally and in the business realm. Giving back to the community as she was able to benefit from the wisdom of business moguls and international consultants such as Jim (James) Rohn, Perry Belcher, Eric Trump, Nido Qubain (La-Z-Boy Furniture USA), Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney), Stedman Graham, and J. Abrahams just to name a few. Koleya is a powerful networker and has been instrumental in creating alliances and business opportunities with numerous organizations such as; GE, Edmonton International Airport, Canadian North Airlines, Alberta Innovates, Government Officials, Imaginea, and CNRL.

Koleya has never stopped her journey and continues to learn from multiple incredible mentors who continue to drive her business forward to new and exciting heights. Koleya is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and high-performing business professional who is highly motivated, exceptionally skilled and self-made. She is considered an innovative leader in the Alberta tech sector and resourceful individual who will do whatever work is required to create solutions. She respected as a high sought after speaker within the technology realm and strives to create value for her followers.

Koleya can help you reach higher levels of success by teaching you the tools to help you:


Providing much-needed tips to help overcome challenges, learn new skills and deal with complexity in business. Giving her listeners the skills and tips on becoming a leader themselves and encouraging those around them. 


Educating listeners on objective assessments and observations can help you work in developing self-mastery in professional relationship management and communication skills, as well as ways of thinking to help you create a more healthy and productive work environment, furthering your productivity of your organization.


Providing advice on helping you re-evaluate priorities, take stock of what is really important for you and decide what actions to focus on as you try to reach a new level of success. Your personal and professional life is important and it is vital that you balance the two.


Provide guidance when you are feeling really “stuck” and you are having trouble in moving forward. This guidance can help you know how to connect the dots and go from point A to point B to get to the next level in your business.


Provide training and education to develop both executives and promising up-and-comers, in order to help reduce attrition rate as well as build up future leaders. Building the necessary skills is important, let Koleya lead as an example for future leaders.


Identifing blind spots and roadblocks are important, Koleya helps you improve on skills that hold you accountable to push yourself to achieve your goals and to go beyond your comfort zone.

Transforming your business

In business and in her personal life Koleya operates first and foremost under the value of integrity and standards. This has helped Koleya’s ability to visualize and conceptualize, allowing her to create a symbiotic relationship between technology applications and revenue generating business models. Combine that with her knowledge of business, strategy and passion for progress and execution, make for the right combination to successfully allow her to navigate the ever-changing world of tech.

Having business speaker can offer concrete advice to help you understand and manage all the different functions of your organization with greater confidence. Koleya’s speaker deliverables has the ability to transform your business. 


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