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Koleya Karringten Smith is the co-founder and President of Absolute Combustion International (ACI). With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience she has helped to create and develop a company that will change the landscape of burning solutions for the industrial sector of the energy world.

The vision for flameless burners originated with inventor Darsell Karringten, who passed away last year and left a world of possibilities in his wake. The vision is to become one of the world’s leading burner technology innovators, that delivers the highest heat transfer efficiency possible with the lowest emissions in numerous applications for the international market.

The goal is to provide proactive and sustainable solutions to organizations looking to improve heat transfer efficiency, combustion performance and emissions.

Absolute Combustion International Inc. (ACI) has designed, produced and tested a completely revolutionary, near flameless, burner technology that dramatically improves the key performance characteristics of industrial combustion systems. The Absolute Extreme Burner provides a clear and powerful value proposition for the oil and gas industry and other applications. This includes: meeting increasing regulatory standards, lower emissions and a reduction of the amount of fuel consumed during normal operation by 30% or more, thereby increasing production efficiency, reducing operational expenses and increasing workplace safety.

The Absolute Extreme Burner can deliver an Exhaust Velocity Harmonic TM (EVH) that can dramatically increase heat transfer efficiency in a fire-tube application. The ACI burner has 100% combustion efficiency, leaving zero carbon monoxide (CO) emissions in the exhaust stream.

With Koleya Karringten at the helm leading the product to market, the ACI burner is proving itself in combustion technology, GHG reduction, air pollution control equipment, energy efficiency, NOx reduction, heat transfer efficiency, fire-tube applications, separators and treators, and
SAGD applications.

Gaining international recognition, Koleya most recently introduced the ACI burner to Arab markets and has just completed her speaking engagement at the Middle East Heavy Oil Congress in Bahrain.

With a keen eye for the solutions of the future, Koleya and the ACI team are vastly contributing to the sustainable development revolution.