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CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Imaginea Energy is thrilled to announce that it is the early adopter of Absolute Combustion International’s (ACI) burner technology. This is enabled through Imaginea Energy’s partnership with ImagineaXL – a unique accelerator fund that guarantees the early adoption of technology and open sources the results. This is the first of many technologies anticipated to be funded through ImagineaXL that will utilize Imaginea Energy’s operations as an early adopter.

@ImagineaEnergy Becomes Early Adopter of @absoluteburner Burner Technology #ImagineaEAT #reduceemissions #innovation

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“The burner technology is a fantastic 3P solution – it reduces emissions (Planet), it improves safety (People), and it reduces operating costs (Profit). We are going to build out a unit and integrate it in our operations. We will be baselining the 3 impacts (emissions, safety, fuel usage) before and after the installation of the technology in order to clearly show the positive impacts. We will then open source the data, publicly, so others will be able to have more confidence in its application in their operations,” said Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea Energy.

“The opportunity Imaginea Energy has offered is truly a game changer for us. In an industry where companies are highly risk-averse, it is refreshing to have a visionary leader like Suzanne West, who sees opportunity where others see risk, help bring a clean and green solution for carbon reduction, increased profitability and increased safety to the oil and gas industry,” said Koleya Karringten, CEO of Absolute Combustion International.

Imaginea Energy is an energy company in Calgary, AB. We produce oil and gas. Over 5500 boe/d…for now. What’s really interesting is how we go about producing it, and the role we see hydrocarbons playing in the future. We believe the energy industry can be a force for good in all three P’s – Planet, People and Profit. And through collaboration, courage, commitment, and creativity we are going to demonstrate that it can be done. Right now, our focus is on optimizing our assets to minimize emissions, pollution and the use of fresh water. But our vision is to have none of the above – that’s right, we’re on the road to zero (not net-zero!). We’re on a quest to produce Clean Hydrocarbons with zero emissions, zero pollution and zero use of fresh water. We envision a regenerative economy where Clean Hydrocarbons are used to produce clean energy, and as clean feedstock for manufacturing consumer goods.

Absolute Combustion International (ACI) is a Canadian cleantech company committed to delivering game-changing and far-reaching environmental solutions that help companies transform towards a more sustainable and resilient growth path. The primary focus of ACI is the clean combustion of natural gas and developing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase safety, operational efficiency and, thus, profitability of projects that require burners in their operations. ACI’s patented solutions have surpassed all available technology expectations and have proven capable of substantially reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption by over 35%. These are just a few incredible benefits of the two dozen plus applications the technology offers. Applications in industries such as oil and gas, aerospace and recycling, just to name a few.

We are excited to be partnering with Absolute Combustion in accelerating the commercialization and market uptake of their technology,” said Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea Energy.

For additional information or an interview with Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea Energy or Koleya Karringten, CEO of Absolute Combustion: